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Did you know that 87% of new real estate agents fail within their first five years in the business?
We believe this industry statistic is unacceptable and Pocket Agent Mentor (PAM) is on a mission to lower it.

New agents do not fail because they do not try. New agents fail because they are not receiving the training and guidance they need to build a successful real estate business.

After passing the exam, agents are left to wonder "Now what?" Whether they join a small boutique or a large national brokerage, they are not receiving the tools and information needed to thrive in the business.

Pocket Agent Mentor (PAM) takes the mystery out of how to become a successful agent and how to properly train new agents.

PAM is an innovative, customizable training program that functions as an agent's personal assistant and guide. This comprehensive system offers individualized timelines, marketing materials, checklists, daily reminders, and a step-by-step process tailored to ensure success!


Our company is built on three guiding pillars: empathy, adaptability, and empowerment.


A career in real estate can be stressful! PAM knows this and eases the difficulty with an understanding heart.


PAM understands that every agent will have different needs and is customizable just for you.


PAM is passionate about providing step-by-step tools and proven strategies for ensuring real estate success.


Licensed CA Real Estate Broker
Licensed CA Attorney


Nicole Blair, founder of PAM, has been a successful, top producing Realtor® in the Lake Tahoe area for more than a dozen years. After receiving her real estate license, she joined a small brokerage and committed herself 100% to becoming a top-notch agent. To date, her team has sold over $300 million in real estate.


Since her brokerage had no formal training program, Nicole searched for a step-by-step comprehensive training manual or guidebook for real estate agents but was unsuccessful. This led to a long period of trial and error as she worked to succeed as an agent. Her journey ultimately led to a flourishing career, as well as the creation of a training, educational, and mentoring program for agents working for her brokerage. Stemming from the success of this, Pocket Agent Mentor (PAM) was born.


PAM offers ready access to all the guidance and knowledge you need to become the expert Professional you were meant to be (starting with the very first steps after that exam)!